The house embraces a core philosophy of style, innovation and luxury, applied to a full offer for women, men and home.

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Virtual Shopping via WhatsApp at Bottega Veneta

Connect with the boutique now via WhatsApp to shop virtually, or browse the catalogue first to discover the collections. This service is available from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.



现在您可以在家中轻松舒适地享受Bottega Veneta的精品品牌所提供的远程购物服务,获得无论是关于新品资讯或该品牌提供的咨询服务。立即享受河谷品牌为您带来的全新购物体验,您可预约在线预约视频导购或是与精品店联系,由品牌专门的导购竭诚为您服务,让您轻松闪购。相关服务约定条款,请洽该品牌的精品店。

通过WhatsApp与xxxx精品店导购联系 at +33(0)645899666

Spotted in Bottega Veneta boutique

Bottega Veneta
Green slip-on sneakers
Bottega Veneta
Black clutch bag
Bottega Veneta
Textured handbag