10 reasons to trust Clarins

Paris-born skincare brand Clarins has been a trusted leader in the cosmetics industry for decades. Now, the brand invites you to discover just why it’s so well-loved, meet the family and find out why Clarins puts you at the very heart of its mission.


The best-loved luxury beauty brand in Spain and Europe

Research shows that Clarins is the favourite skincare brand for many women in Spain and Europe.


Forward-thinking beauty

Clarins was founded on Tronchet Street in Paris, on 15 March 1954, when Jacques Courtin-Clarins created the first Clarins Institute with the pioneering vision that aesthetics, well-being and health were inseparable. He was the first to express and apply such a bold, holistic vision. At the same time, a new era of physical and mental freedom was emerging, and celebrities began to unveil their bodies on the covers of magazines. Jacques Courtin-Clarins led this revolution by telling women "Yes, you are beautiful!"


A family business

The Courtin-Clarins family have dedicated their lives to beauty, continually passing down their passion for beauty and commitment to protecting the planet to new generations.


Nature and science combined

Clarins has a history of opting for natural ingredients over synthetic product, wherever they offer the same level of effectiveness. This is the basic principle that all of the brand’s researchers follow when developing their cosmetic innovations. This is why Clarins formulas contain more than 250 herbal extracts. Each one is carefully selected for its usefulness and used in optimised formulas that reveal the beauty of every woman.


Constant innovation

Innovation is an essential part of Clarins’ strategy, ensuring the brand can meet the latest beauty needs and continuously perfect its existing products. It’s thanks to this continuous innovation that Clarins has been able to create flagship products that have revolutionised the cosmetics industry. With each product, the brand answers a real need, with a choice of textures and an application method that boosts effectiveness.


Customised consultations

Clarins’ personalised skincare programme provides advice to help you select the most suitable products for your needs. Because all skin is different, the brand offers a choice of combinations, allowing you to curate your own skincare regime depending on your age, skin type and more.


Spa expertise

From its humble beginnings as a beauty institute in 1954, Clarins has since expanded into some of the world’s most prestigious cities, with a range of relaxing skin treatments available at its numerous Skin Spa locations.

Experience the Clarins Skin Spa for yourself at Las Rozas Village.


Luxury skincare samples

Clarins products are their own best ambassadors, so you’re invited to try them before making a purchase. What’s your skin type? What are your skincare concerns? Which textures do you prefer? Try out Clarins products first so you can select the perfect products for you.


A commitment to making life more beautiful

Clarins is committed to respecting nature and protecting biodiversity by supporting local populations and using fair-trade raw materials. As a consumer and an inhabitant of this planet, the brand invites you to share its commitment to respect current and future generations by protecting the environment.


The special ingredient: passion

Listen, reflect, act. This is how the Clarins story began. At his beauty institute, Jacques Courtin-Clarins worked on his products day after day to improve the formulas, considering the opinions of his clients. Without this dialogue, proximity, sincerity and commitment, Clarins wouldn’t be Clarins. Customer service, beauty consultants, store managers, marketers, researchers – behind every Clarins treatment there’s a team of people dedicated to making your life more beautiful every day. It’s more than just a job, it’s a passion.

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