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Inside The Creative Spot: curated by Mónica Anoz

Discover collections from a curation of emerging home-grown designers including Maria de la Orden, The New Society and Thelma & Leah at Las Rozas Village until 20 May 2021.

By Mónica Anoz

Mónica Anoz

“It’s really important to have your own identity. Lately, everything is starting to feel a bit the same."

The latest edition of The Creative Spot – The Bicester Village Shopping Collection’s initiative dedicated to supporting up-and-coming creative talent – brings together some of today’s most exciting local designers at Las Rozas Village. The space unites these brands that share a passion for Spanish-born design and craftmanship.

Flabelus reinvents classic Italian lasts to create its selection of Spanish-made slippers. Samsaya takes us on a cultural journey through fashion with its seventies-style kurtas and sarongs. Finally, María de la Orden works with ateliers in Toledo and Galicia to bring each of its unique pieces to life.

We spoke with stylist Mónica Anoz, curator of this initiative, about talent, identity and local design.

What narrative do these brands have?

They all breathe the same air, but they all possess a unique identity and champion Spanish-made design. For these special brands, being a part of this project, in Las Rozas Village and with me, is a wonderful opportunity to achieve greater visibility.

In an increasingly uniform world, is having a strong and unique identity the new holy grail?

Undoubtedly. Differentiation is the key element that gives product value and longevity. Somehow, I think clothes that suddenly increase in popularity – for me – lose their essence.

Do you think that today, more than ever, the looks (and creative attention) are influenced by the local scene?

Perhaps it’s because we’re unable to travel at the moment, but we're all looking for something a little closer to home. My friends, for example, now prefer local designs and pieces that are different, as opposed to more mainstream collections. Some garments are made for a lifetime, rather than just one season. They may be unused in your wardrobe for months, but when you wear them again you feel a real breath of fresh air.

How would you describe your style?

I always choose whatever makes me feel good. Style is formed by the experiences you have. This year my style will probably be very different to last year’s, but I’ll keep the same identity without a doubt. If you’re faithful to what you like and aren’t afraid to wear what you want to, your unique identity comes through.

Maria de la Orden, The New Society (Estefania Grandio), Thelma & Leah… many of The Creative Spot’s featured brands are founded by women. Is this important to you?

Very important. It’s not conscious, but I feel a strong connection to them because I know the difficulties they’ve had to overcome to get to where they are. That unites us more.

What are your sources of style inspiration?

I have many, starting with Ibiza. There you can breathe craftsmanship and live another lifestyle at a slower pace that conveys comfort, serenity and a feeling of letting go. My style embodies the same principles.

I also play a lot with silhouettes and patterns; I love to mix them. Fashion is about having fun and enjoying oneself. Behind every look there’s a desire. In the end, fashion is about touching, feeling, living... all the things we’ve missed so much recently! That's why The Creative Spot makes me so excited, because it’s an immersive experience that allows you to feel fashion up close, meet the person behind it and take a walk around the Village.

What are younger generations looking for when it comes to fashion?

Craftsmanship, identity and strength.

What’s your first fashion memory?

For me it’s linked to art – maybe it’s because I’ve painted since I was a child. Fashion isn’t just a product, I'm more interested in what's behind it... or what you can create from it. My work, for example, is very visual. Styling is storytelling transmitted by images. Creative minds like Alessandro Michele do just that: create stories.

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