Dressing Sira: Marrying literature and fashion

María Dueñas

Reading – like fashion – is a refuge, inspiration, a space for dreams and escape. To celebrate the publication of Sira, the sequel to El tiempo entre costuras, by María Dueñas, Las Rozas Village shares a series of looks inspired by the novel.

Virginia Woolf wrote in Orlando “clothes have, they say, more important offices than merely to keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.” Fashion plays an important part in each of María Dueñas’ novels. In El tiempo entre costuras (2009), fashion was the profession of the protagonist. "In Sira, fashion shows us how the world changes, what the historical circumstances of the moment are like, defines the characters and the sections of the story that follow," explains the writer. Let Dueñas’ words guide you in curating your spring wardrobe with essentials from the Village, inspired by Sira.

Classic bags

For María Dueñas, "sometimes a single garment, well chosen, can help define a character." The accessories are the key. Some of the bags that are being worn this spring could well have been part of Sira's wardrobe: rigid, vintage-inspired, ladylike aesthetics, with a short handle.

435,00 €

260,00 €


Black leather card holder

2.150,00 €

1.290,00 €


Green Gate leather bag

295,00 €

133,00 €


Orange bag

Androgynous aesthetic

"A couple of curly strands had escaped from her updo and fell back down on her forehead, she was wearing men's clothing again, to which she, probably without trying, gave an air of rare elegance." (Sira, page 97)


Light pink blazer


Fuchsia blazer

Claudie Pierlot

White blazer

Romantic dresses

"In the short time I had, I took a fleeting shower, applied make-up with relative care, and dressed in a beautiful sleeveless and patterned dress that I bought from Digby Morton in London." (Sira, page 291)

137,00 €

114,99 €

Polo Ralph Lauren Women

Blue striped dress


Orange dress


Black printed dress

Shoes with a story

"I tried on several superbly cut suits, exquisitely fashionable, said the shop assistant. I was amazed by its pure and stylized lines, simple, clean, devoid of the slightest ostentation or extravagance, a vivid reflection of the austerity that crossed the country in all its aspects. The prices, on the other hand, were abruptly far from economic and rational. I decided to keep two of them, adding a pair of slim-heeled shoes and a hat." (Sira, page 203)


Black pumps


White and black shoes


Fuchsia sandal
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