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Яркая спортивная одежда, неоновые цвета, восстанавливающие средства по уходу за кожей и вкусная еда официально открывают сезон обновления в La .

As Ralph Lauren famously said “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you.”

165,00 €

99,00 €

Blue jeans woman

299,00 €

194,00 €

Liu Jo
Leather boot

80,00 €

52,00 €

Roberto Verino
Print Kerchief

No longer slaves to the runway, modern style icons have embraced individualism. The dawn of a new decade provides the perfect opportunity for you to do the same. Break free from the mould and experiment with your own definition of beauty. Today, the only fashion crime is one of conformity. Fashion is no longer about following the style path. It’s about creating the style path.

51,00 €

34,00 €

Ted Baker
Brown raffia hat
Red Tennis

225,00 €

150,00 €

Hackett London
Blue shirt

With more than 100 boutiques to choose from, Las Rozas Village invites you to draw inspiration from the world’s most exciting designers to curate your very own statement of style. Turn your wardrobe into a declaration of independence. Wear your soul on your sleeve. If fashion is paint, you are the canvas.

Be bold. Be fearless. Be you.

Star Wars X Levi’s®

79,00 €

55,30 €

Graphic hoodie

29,00 €

20,30 €

Graphic crewneck tee

79,00 €

55,30 €

Graphic hoodie

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