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Marie Wynants X Maasmechelen Village

Photographer Marie Wynants documented her visit the Village with ten self-captured images. We caught up with her to find out what went on behind the scenes and why she considers a staycation the best form of self-care.

Inspired by her early years as a professional contemporary dancer, Marie Wynants captures the elegance of the human body through her photography, cleverly expressing her own emotions through the direction of others in her signature playful style. We invited the renowned photographer and her friend Emma, pictured in many of Marie’s images, to visit the Village as part of a staycation in the surrounding region.

Marie’s images speak for themselves, capturing every essential element of a staycation, but the photographer attributes much more to her trip than just a getaway.

Staycations are the ultimate act of self-care. They’re about spending time with friends and family, pampering yourself, enjoying good food and being somewhere beautiful. That’s why the Village makes the perfect stop-off; it encompasses all these things.

Marie Wynants


The duo’s trip began in Antwerp, where they made their way to the Village in a classic convertible, before staying overnight at Terhills Hotel.

It’s clear the photographer places much more importance on experiences than material things “I think a nice friend and a good mood are the only real staycation essentials.” she states. “But, if I had to pick something physical, sunglasses are a no-brainer; I always carry them with me. Plus, they level up just about every look – even travel outfits.”

As a creative, Marie also carefully considers the staycation location, explaining it’s important for inspiring creativity. “I was so surprised by how beautiful the Village boutiques were. Paired with the surrounding landscape, the region really has a lot to offer.” It was however the shopping that she awarded her ultimate staycation highlight “There’s something for everyone here – high-end fashion, sportswear, footwear, and so much more.”

The pair were inspired enough to make some purchases. Marie took home a dress from Versace and Emma (pictured) gathered pieces from the likes of Sandro, Komono and American Vintage.

Indulging in food proved a memorable moment worth documenting for Marie, “We shared some lunch at Giuliano, had dinner at Gusto, Carbon Hotel, and enjoyed breakfast at Terhills. The image of Emma eating pizza at Giuliano, that’s self-care.” The skilled photographer captured her visit on four different devices including her Fujifilm and Canon cameras, as well as her mobile phone. She suggests recording your own staycation memories on an analogue camera.

Anyone can take pictures on their phone, but taking analogue pictures is so much more fun. The process of getting them developed and flicking through physical pictures, rather than swiping digitally makes them that much more special.

Marie Wynants


When it comes to her favourite image she took, she can’t decide. “It’s between two” she says. “Either Emma in the car – which reflects the energy of the trip – or maybe Emma wearing sunglasses opening the Ferragamo bag. It really reflects everything Maasmechelen Village stands for – fashion, luxury and paparazzi-worthy moments.”

When asked how she’d sign off if this interview if it were a diary entry, she said “Say cheese, Marie!” – are you surprised?

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