Nina Minnebo paints Maasmechelen Village.

Let Yourself Glow

By Maasmechelen Village

3 February 2020

Belgian artist Nina Minnebo captivates Maasmechelen Village in an enchanting, artistic whirlwind. Stop by Maasmechelen Village to discover her work and get inspired by her colourful take on the world.



Maasmechelen Village is honoured to welcome Belgian artist Nina Minnebo. Her talent and creativity make for a whole new interpretation of the Village that will undoubtedly appeal to visitors.

Nina Minnebo specializes in abstract art. She uses bright, vibrant colours and builds them into an energetic, spectacular play of light. She loves experimenting with the way colours interact, the dialogue between different textures and structures, the effect of transparency and much more. It is her ambition to make everyone who sees her work feel happy – preferably by taking them back in time to their care-free childhood. A mindset that perfectly matches the vibe of Maasmechelen Village.

Nina Minnebo



You can enjoy the work of Nina Minnebo during your visit to Maasmechelen Village. She will make-over the 3D-printed statue of Manneken Pis, the Brussels icon that has been on display in the Village for the past few months. Moreover, her frescoes will be installed in our VIP lounge. These initiatives were inspired by our Let Yourself Glow campaign, which has been developed to help you find your individuality and shine brighter than ever!



So does Nina. The artist has a passion for the sport and will design a table tennis table for actual use in the Village. Don’t miss the opportunity to play a friendly game of ping-pong on a unique piece of art! Moreover, you will be able to view the artist’s paintings during your visit. They will be on display in a special exhibition room in the Village from 15 February until 23 February.

Feel like shopping or want to see Nina Minnebo at work? Stop by Maasmechelen Village and get inspired!