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Take a drive through Limburg and you’ll see that this is a naturally very beautiful area, and one of the most picturesque provinces in Belgium. But to truly appreciate the fabulous views – and discover the area’s most beautiful hidden places – a bike is your best friend. With miles of signposted cycling routes to be explored near the Village, a cycling tour makes a great addition to your shopping break at Maasmechelen Village. Plus, we offer complimentary bike storage in the Village (next to the Tourist Information Center and the Nike boutique), so you can leave your bike with us and shop care-free.


Explore Hoge Kempen National Park by bike

A combination of shady forests with views of the moors make Hoge Kempen National Park a real cycling paradise. The quiet trails, most of which are totally car-free, allow you to soak up the beautiful surroundings as you cycle in peace. While the routes are generally quite flat, you will come across the occasional hill, but you’ll always be rewarded for the climb with a spectacular view from the top.

The cycle route network is clearly marked to guide you on your way without fear of getting lost. Junction 41 of the cycle route, which begins at As train station, is one of the most beautiful starting points for a ride around the national park.

Hoge Kempen National Park is located next to Maasmechelen Village.


Make a splash at Bokrijk museum

For a unique experience during your bike ride, take junction 91 on the bicycle route network and you’ll travel right over Bokrijk museum’s lake! The cycle path takes you from one bank to the other, with the water even coming to eye level at one point, adding a whole new dimension to your cycling adventure.

Discover this special route at Bokrijk, a beautiful open-air museum located just a 25-minute drive from Maasmechelen Village.


Take the sweetest trail

The region of Haspengouw is another unmissable stop on the Limburg cycling trail thanks to its history as a fruit growing area. In spring, the area’s pretty fruit trees are covered in blossom, offering a feast for the senses, while in early autumn, during harvest season, you can pick your own fruit, visit fruit auctions, enjoy wine tastings and even discover food truck festivals. It comes highly recommended!

Start the blossom and fruit route at Alden Biesen castle, just 30 minutes by car from Maasmechelen Village.


Discover the Maasvaartroute

The beautiful Maasvaartroute takes you through the municipalities of Kinrooi, Maaseik and Dilsen-Stokkem. Beginning at the De Spaanjerd marina, you’ll enjoy a peaceful stretch of tranquil, often car-free cycle paths and country roads along this route. Once you reach the end of the Maasdijk path, you’ll be treated to a view of the breathtaking landscape, with open meadows and small picturesque villages.


Travel through the trees

Cycling through a forest can be a real treat for the senses. The routes that pass among trees in Limburg let you feel at one with nature and can take you to a higher plane. We mean that quite literally – take the double circle route in Bosland forest and you’ll be 10 metres off the ground among the trees!

Discover the route in the Pijnven area of Bosland forest, Hechtel-Eksel, just 45 minutes from Maasmechelen Village, located at junction 272 of the bicycle route network.


Read between the lines

Visit the outskirts of the city of Borgloon and you’ll discover a wonderful architectural gem – a unique transparent church designed by Belgian architect Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. This instalment, called 'Reading Between The Lines', is part of a public art project for which a number of architects created pieces to be displayed in Borgloon’s open spaces. Van Vaerenbergh’s eye-catching church is 10 metres high and is constructed from 100 stacked steel plates.

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