Digital queuing

Make the most of your time in the Village

We’ve introduced a new digital system that allows you to reserve your place in the queue at selected boutiques. Sign up, save time and make most of your day in the Village.
This means we can hold and track your place in the line without you having to queue up outside, and we’ll let you know once you’ve reached the front.

How it works

  1. Register

    Digitally reserve your place in the queue at selected boutiques by scanning a QR code at the boutique entrance, or by giving your name and mobile phone number to the boutique host.

  2. Relax

    Continue to enjoy the Village while you move forward in the virtual queue. You can check your position and waiting time at any point from your phone.

  3. Return

    You’ll receive a text alert when it’s time to return to the boutique. Click on the link to let us know you’re on your way back. You’ll have 10 minutes to return to the boutique.

Please note you can register for up to three digital queues at a time. Data introduced while signing up will be deleted in 24h and won't be used for any commercial or marketing purpose.

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