Receive a €25 Maasmechelen Village Gift Card and a €25 Euroscoop Gift Card for just €45 at our Tourist Information Centre

Date: 01/02/2020 – 16/02/2020

  1. The Offer specified below of our Tourist Information Centre, hereafter the “Brand” is operated with the assistance of VR Maasmechelen Tourist Outlets Comm. VA (hereafter “VRMTO”) (Belgian company number 0465707490) whose registered office is Value Retail PLC, 50 Pingle Drive, Bicester , Oxfordshire, OX26 6WD, United Kingdom.
  2. The present terms and conditions apply to all persons in possession of a Privilege Code that wish to redeem the Offer and/or the Gift specified below. Participation constitutes full, unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  3. The offer (the “Offer”) is as follows. By scanning their Privilege Code at our Tourist Information Centre at Maasmechelen Village, participants are eligible for one (1) a limited-edition Gift Card set, containing a €25 Maasmechelen Village Gift Card and a €25 Euroscoop Gift Card (the “Gift”) for just €45 at our Tourist Information Centre (the “Condition(s)”).
  4. The Offer is subject to these terms and conditions and the Conditions, as may be varied unilaterally by either VRMTO or the Brand, both prior to and during the Offer Period specified below.
  5. The Offer is valid from 01/02/2020 up until (and including) 16/02/2020 (the “Offer Period”) and the Offer is redeemable at the Brand’s space at Maasmechelen Village only.
  6. The Offer is available for Privilege members only (the “Participants”).A valid Privilege Code and the proof that the Condition(s) is/are fulfilled must be presented at the Brand’s space to redeem the Gift.
  7. The Gift is subject to availability and is only available for Participants who (i) purchase and scan their Privilege code at the Brand’s Space during the Offer Period and (ii) fulfil the Condition(s). Specific exclusions mentioned in the Brand’s space may apply.
  8. The Offer and the Gift are not transferable to any third party and cannot be exchanged for cash or anything else or redeemed in conjunction with any other offers. When redeeming a Gift, the Participant may be required to present its Privilege Code used to redeem the Offer and/or proof that the Condition(s) is/are fulfilled.
  9. Participants can only redeem this Offer once and Participants are only eligible for multiple Gifts.
  10. The Brand reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Offer, the Gift, or any part of it, and/or review and amend these terms and conditions at any time, e.g. but not limited to, in case of force majeure, without giving prior notice and without such given rise to any claim against VRMTO nor against the Brand. The Brand will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Offer and/or Gift are correctly allocated, but cannot be held liable in the event that it was not reasonably possible to fulfil its obligations. Under any circumstances whatsoever, and with no exception with regard to the grounds of liability, the liability of the Brand is limited to the amount of the benefit that the Participant would be or has been granted on the basis of the Offer.
  11. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer, coupon, voucher or other offer available during (any part of) the Offer Period.
  12. Participants acknowledge and agree that: (i) VRMTO, its related companies and the owners of Maasmechelen Village (“VRMTO and Affiliates”) are not responsible for the prices at which the Brand advertises or sells goods from time to time and cannot be held liable for any damage of the Participant related to the Offer; (ii) there is no contractual relationship between VRMTO and Affiliates and Participants in relation to the Offer or otherwise; (iii) VRMTO and Affiliates make no warranties regarding the goods or the Gift (including without limitation the quality thereof) which Participants may obtain from the Brand; (iv) Participants shall have no right, and waives his/her ability to make any claim against VRMTO and Affiliates in the event that the Brand fails to honour the Offer, in whole or in part, and a Participant’s only remedy in such a situation is the making of a claim for redress to the Brand; and (v) nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit VRMTO’s liability for death or personal injury from its negligence or that of its employees or officers.
  13. VRMTO will not be liable to Participants for any financial loss arising out of refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of the Offer, or any failure or inability of the Participants to take advantage of this Offer.
  14. VRMTO and the Brand may monitor the Offer and the Participant’s compliance with these terms and conditions. VRMTO and the Brand reserve the right to exclude the Participant from the Offer and from the Privilege Program in case the Participant fails to respect these terms and conditions. In such case, the right to redeem the Offer and/.or the Gift will automatically be withdrawn.
  15. VRMTO shall comply in all respects with applicable Data Protection legislation in carrying out its obligations under this Offer. VRMTO declares and agrees that in the performance of its obligations, it is in compliance with the applicable Belgian legislation regarding data protection and it has in place all appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized and/or unlawful processing or disclosure of Participants data and to prevent accidental loss or destruction of or damage to Participants data. For clarity’s sake, VRMTO shall only process the obtained personal data so VRMTO is able to fulfill the Offer. For more information concerning the processing of your personal data, please have a look on Privilege Privacy Notice and if you have any questions about privacy or data protection, please contact us at