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Gift Card

A designer day out, compliments of one little card.

Treat your family and friends to a Gift Card and let them indulge in leading luxury brands, all with up to 60% off the Maasmechelen Village price.

This beautifully packaged card can be ordered online and sent to an address of your choice within Belgium or collected from Maasmechelen Village.

Treat someone with a gift card? We are happy to provide them in a festive gift box them at our Tourist Information Center - and all for free.

Do you want to purchase ten or more packaged gift cards? Let us know by e-mail beforehand, and we will ensure that they are ready for you.


Pay 45 euros and receive a 25 euro gift card for Maasmechelen Village and a 25 euro gift card for Euroscoop. Only available when buying a gift card at the Tourist Information Center.


Home to more than 100 boutiques, you can discover the world's best designers at 60% off the recommended retail price, all year round.

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