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Zeit für schöne Füße

Treat your feet with the attention they deserve as sandal season approaches…

Neglecting our skin over the past few weeks has left them feeling undernourished and lacklustre. While taking care of our face has become second nature, the same can’t be said for our feet. So with the warmer months bringing with them the chance to bare our toes, we asked L’Occitane to share their top tips for beautiful, nourished skin.


Preparation is the key to soft supple skin. Twice a week, before taking a bath or shower, set aside a little time to apply a specialist foot scrub or body scrub to your feet. Rub it in gently with your hands for a few minutes, then rinse off. Time well spent!

Moisturise daily

Podiatrists say the biggest problem with most feet is that they aren't hydrated enough. To combat this common problem, apply an intensive moisturiser after bathing and then spend five to ten minutes massaging the arch of each foot in a circular motion before moving to the top of your feet. Soon to be your best ally, L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Foot Cream will moisturise and help to relieve tired feet.

Finishing touches

To promote healthy and strong nails, always keep them trimmed and cut straight across, which L’Occitane recommends doing straight after bathing, when they are softer. While a diet rich in healthy oils such as salmon, nuts and seeds will help to keep them nourished all year round, take it to the next level and treat your toes to a drop of cuticle oil – they are guaranteed to be sandal ready in no time!

A day in the home spa!


A day at the Home Spa! In addition to a relaxed atmosphere with scented candles, tea and your favourite care products, a fluffy bathrobe crowns this experience. You will find a selection at the Möve Store.


Relax & Sleep

The Ritual of Jing

The path to inner balance

In traditional Chinese medicine, Jing stands for silence, calm and serenity. The Ritual of Jing helps you to find the way to inner balance. Create your personal oasis of well-being and find deep relaxation and restful sleep through meaningful care routines.

Rituals Set Jing

5 Tips from Rituals for a Great Night of Sleep

Did you know that good sleep starts when you wake up? The quality of your night often reflects the quality of your day. Sleep expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins shares her top tips for building the perfect sleep routine, round-the-clock – with a special bonus.

During the day…

Sunlight exposure elicits a strong physiological response, triggering the brain to be alert, while the absence of light triggers us to be tired. It is optimal to get as much exposure to fresh air and natural light as possible throughout the day, particularly in the morning.


Yoga or low-impact exercise is preferred in the evening, but the most important thing is that you exercise at some point in your day. Increasing your heart rate a bit generates endorphins, and that’s what helps sleep, because it helps to manage stress.


Make sure you have a bigger breakfast and lunch, and that dinner is on the lighter side, because you’re about to go hibernate! If you eat a big dinner before bed, you’re going to have difficulty as your body is still busy digesting. Also, remember that coffee and alcohol are two big sleep stealers!

And at night…

Make sure you set aside at least seven hours. Everyone is different, so find your optimal sleep duration and do your very best to meet that night in, night out.


It can really be just 10 or 15 minutes when you commit to doing whatever is the most relaxing for you. A little self-massage, some aromatherapy, putting on some cream with a yummy sleep scent: all of those things go really far in improving our ability to rest and disconnect from our day.

And a bonus tip: Awake at night? Don’t stay in bed!

If you’re tossing and turning, get out of bed. You want to change the environment, keeping bed as a cosy place reserved for sleep. Do some mindless activities such as folding socks or read a book – a boring one! Go back to bed only when drowsy. A good image I recommend is thinking about a wave washing in and then washing back out.

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