How to maximise your energy

أطباق بسيطة بمذاق مذهل تقودكم إلى تنظيم حفلات عشاء لا يشوبها التوتر.

by Kristi Adler

Everyone knows that person, the one with an inexhaustible reserve of energy and a good mood to match. It leaves you wondering, just what is their secret?

According to yoga teacher, life coach and founder of Yoga Moments, Kristi Adler, there are plenty of ways to maximise our energy levels.
“Small energy dips during the day are normal and show that your mind and body needs a break to regain new strength,” she explains. “But we can take steps to support them in their functionality so that we have more energy available. If we feel fit and healthy, we also feel better mentally, and this radiates outwards.”

So where to start?


Create a routine

Our energy levels are influenced by a few key things, namely diet, exercise, relaxation and routines, explains Kristi. So find a routine that includes these, but that suits you.

“If you’re a morning person, then fit in some exercise first thing in the morning. If you feel the benefits of a green smoothie or juice for breakfast, have them every morning. If you enjoy starting the day with a cup of tea and a short meditation, let both become your new habit. It’s all about finding what works for you!”


Be consistent

“Daily routines shouldn’t be restrictive, instead they can evolve to suit the day and help us to get through life more easily and actively,” adds Kristi.

“If we feel the benefits, mentally and physically, they’ll soon come very easily to us. If not, we should reconsider them, or their timing, in our daily lives. Of course, a little patience is required. After 21 days you will have created a new routine, after 90 days, a new lifestyle,” she explains.

After 21 days you will have created a new routine, after 90 days, a new lifestyle.

Kristi Adler

Yoga Teacher & Life Coach


Add some movement

“Depending on the intensity of your day, a relaxing or challenging yoga practice could help,” says Kristi. “Don't expect too much from yourself in the beginning – anything from 30 minutes to a short meditation will help clear your head.”

“Try setting a melodious alarm (your favourite tune, the sound of the sea or a feel-good song) and build in a short break after a block of work. You could stretch or just take a breath to refocus. Small, consistent moments like this really benefit our day.”


Keep it simple

“As a yoga teacher and life coach, I see time and time again that we set our expectations too high,” says Kristi.

“Trying to go from zero to one hundred just doesn’t work. It needs to be simpler than that. We can’t always control circumstances, appointments and meetings, but we can make the most of the time in between, which in turn benefits our health and energy supply. It’s not a question of how we get through our day, but at what quality we do so,” she says.

Kristi Adler is the founder of Yoga Moments and ABSOLUTELY YOU Life Coaching.

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