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Inside Philipp Geist’s fascinating world of lights

The Berlin-based artist has created a breathtaking installation at Wertheim Village. We talked about inspiration, producing something one of a kind, and how he became a pioneer in video mapping…

20 January 2020


What’s unique about your installations?

"I create installations as I would a painting – by combining elements of a picture, some of which are abstract and figurative, to create graphic planes and patterns in various colours and textures. The end product is a multi-dimensional video played on five different projectors, each one mapped specifically so the video fills the space.”


How did you become an art pioneer?

“An interest in painting and photography brought me to light art, and I combined these elements with audiovisual techniques to project my installations onto buildings. The idea that visitors would walk through and become a part of my art greatly appealed to me. I’m not a pioneer of light art, but one of the first German artists to use video mapping.”


Describe your work in three words…

"Paintings, colour and immersive. My installations aren’t solely about the technical elements – artistic interpretation and colour are very important to me."




What’s the story behind your installation?

“It isn’t a narrative in the classic sense as with films, however, I do include dramatisation and development through dynamic movements and sequences of colour and texture." “My aim is for visitors to become actively immersed in the story and create their own narrative from the images.”


What features in the installation at Wertheim Village?

“I have incorporated my own animations, photographs and films, as well as computer-generated elements. There are also passages of text and illustrations from books. These were modified and rearranged to create something totally new.”


Do you take inspiration from the background?

“Definitely. The building it’s mapped onto is the canvas, so it’s fundamental to my projections. I take inspiration from the architecture as well as the location and its meaning – both are crucial to my work.”


What’s most surprising about your space in the Village?

“What surprised me most was the space itself was free from commercial context and offered the guest a unique interactive art experience. My goal was to create something special that guests would remember, and I hope they immerse themselves in the Art Space and leave with fond memories of my work.”

Discover Philipp Geist’s illuminated art installation at Wertheim Village now.