Take this time to step back, switch off and focus on loved ones.

Whether it’s the constant stream of news updates, the pressure to craft a daily exercise regime or a cluttered Instagram feed, we're all feeling the need to reboot. Influencer Diipa Büller-Khosla and Finnish model Otto Seppalainen share their tips for switching off.


Prioritise your work-life balance

“As I’ve grown older I’ve learned that you don't have to say yes to every opportunity and every deal,” says Diipa. “Learning to say no and knowing what the most important moments are – the ones you cancel everything else for – is the biggest step."


Switch off

“Our lives are so mentally stimulating that it’s important to cut off all messaging and just get lost in your thoughts,” says Otto.

“For me, [a digital detox] is easiest around my core friends and family,” adds Diipa. “My husband and family are very strict with me on that. When we’re at the dinner table they literally just take the phone out of my hand and tell me to enjoy the sunset.”


Set goals

“My resolutions are to be in the moment, to be more present and to have a balanced life,” says Diipa. “Last year I've worked a lot and put family and friends on the back seat a bit. I think the goal for everyone should be to do both: to work hard but to also make time for friends and family.”