Do Good

Water of life

We’ve partnered with charity: water to make more time for mothers around the world by providing them with access to clean water.

For women in places such as sub-Saharan Africa, the walk to a water source is at least a three-hour ordeal. Many collect their water in five-gallon jerry cans which weigh 20kg when full. However the yellow plastic containers – vessels originally used for ferrying fuel – are a vast improvement on the heavy clay pots and metal containers of old.

If ever there was a symbol of the global water crisis, it must be the jerry can. But for charity: water, a non-profit organisation that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries, the container is also a symbol of hope.

Clean water changes everything. It improves health, saves babies’ lives, boosts local economies, empowers women and gives children more time in school.

charity: water


Millions around the world spend hours each day with one strapped to their backs, held on hips or balanced on heads. Imagine if all the water they collected was safe enough to drink?

Through a radically transparent funding model which sees 100% of public donations go directly to water projects in developing countries, charity: water works with local partners to drill boreholes, build wells and install filters for fresh water in 28 countries around the world, funding more than 50,000 water projects and giving over 11 million people access to clean water.

Ingolstadt Village is partnered with charity: water as part of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection DO GOOD network of charitable organisations, all of which work to empower women and children. Read more here.