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The brand celebrates his colossal legacy and breathes his passion, intuition and inexhaustible creativity into the core of its DNA.

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Virtual Shopping

Prefer to shop from the comfort of your home? KARL LAGERFELD is pleased to offer you an exclusive virtual shopping experience. Your private online consultation will include a tour of the latest arrivals and personalized styling advice, plus any purchases will be made securely and shipped directly to you.

To reserve your virtual shopping appointment, please contact the KARL LAGERFELD store team at +34 935 769 870 or outlet.la_roca@karllagerfeld.com

Shopping Protocols

In order to ensure a safe shopping experience, inside each store you will find a variety of measures to enhance your comfort and security.

• All clothing is steamed after having been tried on, while all footwear and accessories are disinfected. If you prefer for us to repeat these steps before you try something, please inform our staff
• All fitting room surfaces are disinfected after each use. If you do not wish to purchase an item you’ve tried on, please place it on the dedicated rack.

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Karl Lagerfeld
Black sweater with Karl

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Karl Lagerfeld
Red sweater with Choupette