Summer Essentials with Eugenia Silva

From versatile basics in natural fabrics to comfortable pieces in flowing fits, discover the summer essentials destined for your suitcase with the help of La Roca Village ambassador Eugenia Silva. From June to August her wardrobe is anything but structured

By La Roca Village

"Strolling through the Village brings a few hours of disconnection in an idyllic setting combining fashion, gastronomy and creativity", says fashion ambassador Eugenia Silva on La Roca Village. We talked trends, memories and the style essentials that best sum up her attitude this summer.

Silk dress (now €945, reduced from €1,890), hand embroidered vest (now €1,225, reduced from €2,450), organic fabric bag (now €477, reduced from €795), sandals (now €175, reduced from €350) and metal belt with organic stones (now €414, reduced from €690) from Etro..

What does summer mean to you?

It’s a break from your usual routine, not having to stick to tight schedules, spending time with the children, spontaneous plans, reuniting with family. For me, summer is best summed up as an endless meal. I like the after-dinner gatherings, the talks after lunch around the pool. These are moments that transport me back to my childhood, when we all got together and the meals seemed to last forever. Then we’d play cards, or ping-pong, or sunbathe.

Silk dress (now €332, reduced from €950), trousers (now €402, reduced from €1,150), Nirmala bag (now €242, reduced from €690) from Missoni.

How does it feel to visit La Roca Village again?

Barcelona is a city that I have a lot of affection for. I was saddened by the Village closure during the pandemic, but being able to return and find it just as it was before – with its movement, its people, its light and the outdoors – has been very special for me. Plus, its fabulous restaurants are always a treat and the new area is spectacular.

On the left, poppy blouse (now €77, reduced from €275), vest (now €249, reduced from €890), Saya culottes (before €820, reduced from €231), Rosseau bag (now €224, reduced from €490) and foulard (now €109, reduced from €235), all from Longchamp. On the right, Coach Horse and Carriage print shoulder bag (now €289, reduced from €425).

The recent Village expansion has allowed for the addition of some exciting boutiques to the already-impressive line-up of brands. Could you pick a favourite?

I’m so happy to see my La Roca Village family grow! Some of the boutiques that make me especially excited are American Vintage and Sita Murt, which offer everyday essentials that are perfect for long summer days. I also love Missoni for occasion wear and Brunello Cucinelli because it has the best cashmere in the world!

On the left, Etro silk knit jacket (now €2,178, reduced from €4,355) and Mediterranean collection bikini from La Perla (now €138, reduced from €230). On the right, Marfi leather jacket from Longchamp (now €420, reduced from €1,500), top (now €81, reduced from €125) and shorts (now €113, reduced from €175), both from Maje; sunglasses from Etnia Barcelona.

As someone who spends a lot of time by the coast, what is it you love so much about life by the sea?

The smell of the Mediterranean, of Formentera pine, the sound of the cicada, walking down La Mola, and of course the heat. My summer car, dresses, flip-flops, the sun, the light, the fresh fish that the fisherman brings in the morning, juicy tomatoes and figs that I pick from the fig tree at home. I love the simplicity of the sea, and the same goes for the countryside. Give me some freshly picked figs, a melon and good ham and I'm happy – much more so than with something like lobster. Sometimes we seek happiness in far-away flavours and destinations, when really you don’t need to look far at all to find it.

ba&sh silk dress (now €138, reduced from €350), leather belt with cotton details by Etro (now €390, reduced from €650).

How does the simplicity and sensuality of the Mediterranean you’ve described translate into your summer wardrobe?

Comfortable, natural fabrics, fluid lines and nice textures fill my summer wardrobe. Versatility is important, too. In summer, my wardrobe is fairly free. I don’t wear any evening dresses and I’ll go to the beach in the same outfit I wear when the sun goes down – only my accessories change, or my hairstyle. I’ll add bracelets or a shawl, or put a scarf in my hair, or I’ll wear bag a different way. The ba&sh dress that I wore to La Roca Village is perfect. I’d slip it on as soon as I get up. Then, I’d add a belt and go to Es Caló to eat. In the afternoon, when it gets cool, I’d layer a kaftan over it, and maybe a hat. The idea is to play. When you’re a mother, you try to build looks that make your life easier.

Are your children's summer wardrobes relaxed too?

My mother instilled a way of dressing in us; she would prepare our clothes at night ahead of the next day. I definitely take a more relaxed approach to dressing my children. I let them dress how they want to, so they can express themselves through fashion.

Anemone jumpsuit (now €660, reduced from €1,100) and Anemone shirt (now €312, reduced from €520) from La Perla.

Which essentials will you be packing in your suitcase this summer?

A bikini, a straw hat, a basket or shoulder bag, a sarong that works for everything – from lying on the beach to covering up in the evenings, or even for accessorising my hair with – a dress, a flowing kaftan (because it’s always cold in Formentera), and a pair of silk pyjamas that I can wear all day. I love the ones I selected from La Perla in La Roca Village because they’re universal. I can wear them to bed, dress them up or wear them over a bikini with gold hoops and sandals.

How do you prepare the table to welcome your loved ones in the summer?

I’m definitely not a housewife, nor do I always have flowers in the house or dishes ready. I’m much more relaxed in that sense. I have some nice linen tablecloths which I inherited from my grandmother Eugenia, which we only use for special occasions. I like buffet-style tables, so that everyone can serve themselves and sit wherever they want to – some prefer being in the sun or by the pool, and others prefer to sit in the shade, or even inside. I usually prepare rice, with a lot of starters, salads and gazpacho – it’s all very relaxed. Perhaps most importantly, I always cook with local produce. If I'm in Formentera, I buy eggs from local farms, dried fish, salad and local wine. At home, I buy from the Terramoll winery, because it’s so close to home and the products are such good quality.

On the left, patchwork kimono by Etro (now €1,445, reduced from €2,885), satin blouse by Zadig & Voltaire (now €194, reduced from €290), military shorts by The Kooples (now €100, reduced from €148). On the right, multicoloured Jalea dress by Pronovias (now €260, reduced from €650), Longchamp leather jacket (now €252, reduced from €550).

Do you remember the first time you travelled to Formentera?

It was winter and I was living in New York when I was told about a small island, near Ibiza, that had no airport. As soon as I arrived, I fell in love with the island. First I stayed with friends, then I rented a house, then I bought a car, and finally, I built the house. Out of season, you experience the island in a different way. For me it’s not just a place to spend the summer. I know the local people and it’s become part of my life.

On the left, organic poplin balloon blouse (now €325, reduced from €650) and organic poplin trousers (now €275, reduced from €550) from Marni. On the right, jacket, blouse and trousers from American Vintage, Lady M bag by Furla (now €276, reduced from €425).

Your home is organically integrated into the landscape, rooted in artisan design and traditional architecture. Was this important to you?

After leaving the hustle and bustle of New York, I was looking for something different. I've always been curious and I like to discover new experiences. Living on the island helped me decide how I wanted to build my house. I wanted it to represent the essence, nature and architecture of the island. My neighbours are local farmers, not tourists or visitors to Formentera, so I didn't want them to be impacted by my arrival. It feels like a community here. Señora Maria for example, who has land next to my house, is a really good neighbour.

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