8 - 12 December

Enjoy a relaxing shopping moment in Le Salon from 8 - 12 December and let the boutique staff assist you in finding perfect outfits and fabulous accessories.

320,00 €

120,00 €

Souâd Feriani

Faux Leather Skirt

389,00 €

179,00 €

Souâd Feriani

Tulip Skirt

599,00 €

290,00 €

Souâd Feriani

Robe Manteau

About Souâd Feriani

Souâd Feriani was born in Genk, Belgium on 30 June 1970. As a child, she fell in love with the shirts in her father’s wardrobe and never got over this love for men’s shirts.

Souâd Feriani graduated in June 1994 at the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

In December 2014 her shirt collection was officially launched and hit the shops. Her signature shirts are very comfortable and made of the finest shirt materials. You can wear them both for work or on special occasions, with the accessories making the difference. The shirts and shirt dresses are timeless.

In 2018 the first flagship store “Souâd Feriani – The Boutique” opened in Hasselt, Belgium. The high quality collection is now even larger with the same personal approach.

Le Salon

Le Salon is an exclusive dedicated place in Maasmechelen Village where we host VIP SALES in collaboration with the world’s most appealing brands.
We present you the best pieces of previous season’s collections carefully showcased in a luxury environment.