ASICS | Making ocean waste wearable

This innovative collection of performance sportswear turns an environmental threat into an opportunity for sustainable practices.

22 September 2020

Making a positive impact is a key principle of sportswear brand ASICS, from its founding philosophy that promoted social change to its current commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles and more sustainable practices in the apparel industry.

Renowned for its high-performance sports apparel and footwear since 1949, ASICS’ founder Kihachiro Onitsuka established the company with the purpose of giving direction to young people through sport and fitness. Today, that objective has developed to a wider social purpose that seeks to promote a healthier society by addressing the threat posed by plastic, which, if it continues to be discarded at its current volume, will outweigh fish in the oceans by 2050.

As part of the brand’s goal to achieve 90% recycled content in its products by 2023, ASICS took up the challenge of helping to combat the vast swathes of plastic bottles that currently wash up on the world’s shorelines every day with an innovative solution.

Nearly six million PET bottles are collected by volunteers and organisations in Sri Lanka every month, which are then processed and transformed into polyester thread that can be woven into fabric. Together with sustainable apparel manufacturer Hirdaramani, ASICS has created its Ocean Waste collection to showcase this incredible fabric, which offers the performance, quality and style the brand is known for, while minimising the pieces’ impact on the environment.

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