Three must-see documentaries for fashion lovers

Charo Mora, artistic director of fashion documentary film festival Moritz Feed Dog and friend of La Roca Village, shares her favourite viewings for an instant fashion fix.


Dior & I (2014), directed by Frederick Cheng

Why watch: This must-see documentary covers the first haute couture show by Raf Simons, when, after Galliano’s departure, Dior’s new creative director had just a few weeks to prepare. Enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes fashion journey, from the build up to “the big day” to the show itself, from the first creative ideas to the finished piece. A masterpiece in creative storytelling, it’s equally thrilling for fashion aficionados and novices alike.

Insider reveal: It’s a remarkable reflection of how impossibly tight deadlines are managed in the industry. Talent and professionalism can overcome obstacles, but extraordinary results require titanic effort.

Memorable quote: “I will ask you to try it and do your best until the last moment. If at the end you don’t succeed but you’ve tried it, you will receive an smile from me. But before that, I won't take a no for an answer."

Unforgettable design: That strapless dress and printed corolla skirt inspired by artist Sterling Ruby.


The First Monday in May (2016), directed by Andrew Rossi

Why watch: This film provides a revealing look at the powerful media circus that accompanies the Met Gala; the red carpet that grabs all the attention, even eclipsing its own reason for being. The documentary charts how the fundraising initiative for exhibitions of the Costume Institute has become a temple of international fashion culture. It follows the creation of one exhibition beneficiary, ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’, and shows how the Met Gala, with Anna Wintour at the helm, came to be.

Insider reveal: The film cleverly documents the progressive change in fashion perception, from pure consumerism with fleeting value to entrenchment in the collective social psyche.

Memorable quote: “It is an example of how fashion culture is an important engine of the fashion’s machinery and industry."

Unforgettable design: Galliano's bias-cut dress for Dior Haute Couture SS97, but it also wouldn’t be fair not to mention the dress designed by Guo Pei for Rihanna that took more than two years of work.


Antonio López 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco (2017), directed by James Crump

Why watch: This documentary explores illustrator Antonio López – a talented, charismatic personality – during a moment in New York where fashion was more the consequence of lifestyle than the product of a marketing studio. A short-lived period, it was unrepeatable, fresh, spontaneous and a whole lot of fun – hence the fascination it produces and the inexhaustible source of inspiration it represents.

Insider reveal: New York can be a global fashion capital.

Memorable quote: "Life is the best source of inspiration."

Unforgettable design: Any of López’s dandyish suits, worn with vest, shirt and bow tie. Also the pairing of shirt with ethnic collar and cloche hat (when he appears between Pat Cleveland and Dona Jordan), which mixes masculine and feminine, ethnic and urban, ancient and modern, and says so much about the artist’s inimitable style.