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Maasmechelen Village is open, Monday to Sunday. With extended opening hours from 10 - 20h on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Our new Shopping Protocols

    Learn more about our new Shopping Protocols, developed in line with government and local health authority guidance.

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  • 5 unique spring road trips

    Looking for inspiration for a day trip or weekend getaway? Buckle up for the ride! We found five unique trips in the heart of Limburg. And you’ll need more than just a car to get around…

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    Discover a world of personalised services and extraordinary experiences…

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  • Virtual shopping

    Would you like to have your items delivered to your home? Or do you prefer to reserve your favourite items virtually and then pick up your order at the boutique? The choice is yours.

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VIP Sales

Register for our Membership programme to be the first one to know the exciting line up of upcoming VIP Sale events.

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Virtual shopping

You can now enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home with a bespoke service offered by participating brands.

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Digital queuing

Reserve your place in a digital queue and receive a notification when it’s your turn to enter.

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Visit Maasmechelen Village, Chauffeur Drive
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