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Walking in Limburg

Explore these breathtaking local beauty spots

By Maasmechelen Village

Limburg is a walker’s paradise, and the area’s natural beauty is one of the reasons many people visit this province. A fun walking tour is a great addition to a visit to Maasmechelen Village, and the perfect way to explore Limburg’s nature. With many trails to follow, there’s a route to suit every kind of hiker in our region.


Connecterra and its Terrils

Connecterra is located just a five-minute walk from Maasmechelen Village. It's a lush green area where, more than a quarter of a century ago, the Eisden coal mine was still a working mine. Eisden mine had no less than four ‘terrils’, now-green spoil tips that were created by the accumulation of waste rocks released when mining for coal. Today you can follow long routes around the area, with walks ranging from 1.5 to 11 km that pass over three of these four high terrils. You can even hike right to the top of one of the terrils, from which you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of the surroundings.


The Kruinenpad Treetop Walk

From Maasmechelen Village, cross the Meuse river and you will end up almost immediately at ‘Het Kruinenpad’, a high-rise boardwalk from which you can enjoy a unique viewpoint. The Kruinenpad’s crown path runs between the treetops over land has been affected by subsidence from mining. From this unique path you can witness of the remarkable consequences of mining subsidence, as well as being able to meet the many birds and insect that live there. The Kruinenpad is 181 metres long.


Hoge Kempen National Park

A combination of shady forests with views of the moors make Hoge Kempen national park a real hiking paradise. The quiet trails, most of which are totally car-free, allow you to soak up the beautiful surroundings in peace. While the routes are generally quite flat, you will come across the occasional hill, but your hike will always be rewarded with a spectacular view once you reach the top.


The Purple Meadow

The best time to visit Hoge Kempen National Park’s Purple Meadow is from mid-August to mid-September, when the flowers are in full bloom. Some routes have a steep climb, but once you reach the top you’ll enjoy views all the way over to the Netherlands and, in good weather, as far as Germany and the High Fens.

We recommend walking along the park’s Mechelse Heide heathland via the Hourglass Trail. This 1.5 km long paved route introduces you to the park’s typical heath and dune landscape. This path is paved, making it perfect for wheelchair users and young families with pushchairs wishing to enjoy the beautiful landscape with ease.

Enjoy free parking before or after your visit to Maasmechelen Village at Joseph Smeetslaan 280, 3630 Maasmechelen for a care-free day out.

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