Guest services

Tax-free shopping

Guests visiting from outside the EU can receive tax refunds on their shopping.

Goods in the UK are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), which represents 20% of the price of your purchases. As a non-EU resident, you can reclaim this VAT on any items purchased in the Village, provided the claim is made within three months of the purchase.

This can be done in two ways: with an instant cash refund at ChangeGroup in the Village or at the airport tax desk as you leave the EU.

How does it work?

  1. Ask in the boutiques

    Ask for a VAT refund form when you make a purchase. Some boutiques may require a minimum spend, so please ask in the boutique for more information.

  2. Fill in your details

    Add your name (exactly as it appears on your passport), address and passport number to each VAT refund form when you make a purchase.

  3. Visit ChangeGroup

    Present your completed forms, your passport and credit card at ChangeGroup in the Village for an immediate cash refund in your currency of choice.

  4. Certify your forms

    Have your completed VAT refund forms certified at customs when you leave the EU within 15 days of your visit.

ChangeGroup: all you need to know

  • The maximum cash refund you can receive at ChangeGroup is £3,000. Your credit card must have at least six months’ validity and be registered in your name. ChangeGroup accepts Visa, American Express and Mastercard.
  • A nominal fee of £3.50 per cash transaction applies for Global Blue and Premier Tax Free. Guests should expect to receive between 9% and 14% of the tax originally spent due to handling fees.
  • Make sure your VAT refund form is certified at your final point of departure from the EU within 15 days of using ChangeGroup. If the completed and stamped form is not received within the required period, the pre-authorised credit card will be debited for the amount of the cash refund, plus administration fees.
  • Please allow extra time before you plan to leave the Village for your visit to ChangeGroup.

At the airport

It is also possible to claim a refund at the airport tax desk, however, regardless of where you apply for your refund, it is important that you follow the full customs process at the point of EU departure.

  1. Take your purchases and receipts to the customs office before you check in your luggage.
  2. Once your VAT refund forms are stamped at the customs office you can choose to either leave them at the tax desk or to post them yourself. We recommend the latter to ensure your forms are received on time.
  3. The forms come with a pre-addressed envelope for each tax-free provider – provider information according to each brand will be shown on your receipts.
  4. Queues at customs in airports can be lengthy, so please allow enough time for the tax desk to process your forms. For more information visit the HMRC website HERE.